Last week, I was feeling sort of frustrated and stuck. This week, I was volunteering at a summer camp, so I didn't have time to be stuck! I taught kids Scratch and pretended Minecraft is educational. It was fun. :D

I'm writing this from Hac Boston, a Haskell hackathon. I didn't realize that the hackathon would be more about hacking ON Haskell libraries, rather than making stuff WITH Haskell/Haskell libraries. It says "you don't even need any Haskell experience at all" on the event page but I should know by now that is always misleading. "You don't need any Haskell experience to attend -- but count on sitting at a table alone feeling dumb because you don't understand even the explanations that other attendees make obvious are super dumbed-down" would be more accurate.

So this weekend I learned that all the stereotypes about Haskell users are totally true, I was just protected from reality by the cool people at #nothaskell, Lambda Ladies, Recurse Center, and now TLC. :)

Despite this, this hackathon has helped me get unstuck on my KiSS set viewer project! I mentioned that I was trying to use Snap for my web framework, and several people noted that Snap was "over-engineered", so that made me feel better about not understanding it. I switched to Scotty and made immediate progress!

The website I'm making will to allow users to upload a KiSS set and play with it in the browser. Here's a sample set. KiSS sets are image files called "cels", color palettes, and a configuration file, all bundled into a compressed archive. So, my app needs to decompress the files, convert the cels with a palette, and parse the configuration file. Then it needs to serve up the set as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

I already had the conversion and parsing completed, so I just needed put it all on the web. That's what I'm working on this weekend!I'm going to try to explain what I have so far so I can understand it. )



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