Last week, Mel Chua gave a talk a couple talks about learning styles. In one of them, she asked us to place ourselves on various spectrums of learning traits. They were: Active/Reflective, Visual/Verbal, Sensing/Intuitive, and Sequential/Global.

This talk was illuminating for me.

I was first diagnosed with ADHD in 6th grade, although my teachers had suspicions of it earlier. I was an underachiever and didn't work to my potential. Words to that effect could be found on every report card and heard in every parent/teacher meeting.

On the spectrums, I placed myself as very a very Active learner (I learn best when I just try things out instead of researching), moderately Visual, very Inuitive (I like to just try what "feels right" and I'm cool with it if I don't know right away if something is correct), and somewhat Global (harder to explain).

Do I have these learning styles because I have ADHD, or do is ADHD just how people with these learning styles are labeled? It's the age old question.

Mel encouraged us to work with people who's learning styles differ from our own so we can see what it's like.

I think I like computers because they're a good foil for my own tendencies towards fuzzy and disorganized thinking. And when it comes to programming, I like strict typing and TDD because it works against my weaknesses.
Last night I got a bit confused by the Staten Island bus system and didn't get home until 11pm. I had collapsed on the bed, ready to pass out from exhaustion, when I got a text from my dad. "We are at ER Your mom will be getting her gallbladder out tonight"

So I didn't sleep very well.

Mom got through the surgery just fine and she'll leave the hospital tomorrow, but I still had trouble concentrating today.

I worked a little more on C. I fixed my atoi with Marin's help, and that was really cool. Now I'm trying to implement my own strcpy, which copies a string to another string. I'm not sure what that even means, which may be part of the problem. Maybe I've gone too far down the functional rabbit hole, so it's hard to remember how to do stuff imperitively. Pointers are really confusing to me as well.

I'm also working still working on my text adventure game in Haskell. I've trying to use TDD with Haskell, and there's really not enough tutorials on how to do that. I guess most people just use the types as their tests? Maybe I need to look at real projects with tests. I think that's what I'll do tomorrow.
I don't want to think too much about my third day in NYC, much less write about it. Exhausting. I'm living in a nice house in Staten Island now, though.

SO on to my first day at Hacker School.

Hacker School is awesome! Everybody is super nice and friendly!

Today was mostly spent learning C. A bunch of us signed up to be randomly paired with others for pair programming. I misread my email and thought my partner was Marin, so I talked with him a bit and found out he is very good at C. He offered to teach me some. The first thing we worked on was learning how the standard output, standard input, and standard error work. Then, he helped me write an attempt a implementing my own atoi. atoi turns strings into integers.

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