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My dad and I left my parents' house in Moundsville, WV at 5 am and traveled an hour to Gene's house in South Hills, where his mom took us to the Amtrak station. Gene and I always have a long-distance relationship because he's in Pittsburgh and I'm in Moundsville, but since we aren't likely to see each other for the next 4 months and it's his birthay next week, he came with me for my first weekend in New York.

I love taking Amtrak and take it whenever I have the time and money but Gene had never tried it. He was won over pretty quickly. Amtrak is way more comfortable than a bus or plane or (IMHO) driving yourself. His mom packed little Russian meat and cabbage handpies (don't know what they're called) and they were really good. The train was on time and didn't get delayed by freight traffic, so we got to the city at about 5pm.

Every time I visit any city, I'm blown away by the number of people I see just walking around, but of course this was a whole 'nother level. I also had to figure out how to use the subway which really wasn't that bad. We got to the hotel all right anyway.

The hotel we stayed at was one of the cheapest I could find online in Manhattan, and I chose it mostly based on the price (it was like 40% off regular price). So I was very pleasantly surprised how nice it was! This is probably the fanciest hotel I've stayed in, besides the one Con.Txt was held at last summer. Maybe that's just not saying that much because I'm usually a Day's Inn sort of person. :)

Gene decided he wanted to try Ethiopian food, so we went to a really nice restarant and had a vegetarian sampler. It was really good! Then we only got a little lost trying to get back to the hotel. Subways are confusing, y'all! Then we watched Thor on his laptop and fell asleep exhausted.

Pretty good first day in the city. Today, sightseeing. Gene insists on doing tourist things, I don't really care, so why not?



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